Venezuela begins this week a stage of ample and general flexibilization

Venezuela begins this week a new stage of flexibilization of the radical quarantine, where the whole national territory will enter a model of ample and general flexibilization, except for the municipalities bordering Colombia, as indicated this Sunday the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro:

“Secure flexibilization with its protections, with cares. The ample flexibilization is well determined, the whole country is incorporated”, expressed the Venezuelan head of state.

In declarations broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión, the National President reiterated his call to the people to comply with all biosecurity measures, among them the correct use of the face mask, social distancing and personal hygiene.

“Everyone here knows what to do”, emphasized the Venezuelan dignitary.

It should be noted that for this week, 24 economic items will be activated, as part of the actions undertaken by the National Government to reactivate the productive apparatus, amidst the pandemic.

For this week, the sectors of construction, hardware, the chemical raw material industry, transportation, banking agencies, hairdressers, mechanical workshops and auto parts, dental, medical and veterinary offices, the textile and footwear industry, personalized services: plumbing and refrigeration; car wash, optics, electronic repairs and commercialization of footwear and textiles will be active.

Will also be active the sectors of stationery and bookstores, ice cream parlors and cafeterias (only for takeout), laundries and dry cleaners, manufacture of electronic equipment, delivery services, Registries and Notaries (only Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday), sports events (without public), gyms, drive-ins and shopping centers (only authorized actors).

Similarly, he urged all Venezuelans who present possible symptoms, relations with Covid-19; to go to the doctor and health centers to be attended and receive the corresponding treatments, free of charge.

He stated that the new goal of the National Government will be “to reduce infections, and we will get there; to reduce deaths to zero, and we will get there; with the care, with the medical brigades, the treatments, the PCR and all the tests, we will get there”.

Venezuela accounts -until this Sunday- 53,289 positive cases by coronavirus, after detecting 1,124 new ones infected by the outbreak. Likewise, eight new deaths were announced to raise the number of fatalities to 428.

The number of recovered people, on the other hand, already reaches 42,788 people, which represents 80% of the total cases.