President Maduro called on young people used in violent acts to join work and study

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, called on young people who are being used in the violent acts of the Venezuelan opposition to join work and study.

“You have all our support, Venezuela needs peace, Venezuela needs peace of mind”, he said from Miraflores Palace, during a work journey on which were delivered grants, pensions and cards of the Mission Homes of the Homeland mission.

He said that the Bolivarian Government has permanently worked to promote peace.

The Head of State urged the Venezuelan people to prepare to work even harder in the semester that begins next July 1: “So it will be a semester of Peace and of rejuvenating the national hope of the people of Venezuela through the “Somos Venezuela” (We are Venezuela) Movement and through the Homeland Card, to prepare ourselves to have a good second semester, of hope, of work, of the fruit of work”.

He explained that the nascent “Somos Venezuela” movement is a social-cultural movement of street Government.