Venezuela attends major military parade in Moscow’s Red Square to celebrate Russian Victory Day

The Minister of People’s Power for Foreign Relations of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, attended this Wednesday the great military parade that takes place in the Red Square in Moscow, Russia, to commemorate 75 years of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Through his account on the Twitter social network, @jaarreaza, Chancellor Jorge Arreaza wrote, minutes before the event began: “It is an honor to represent Venezuela and President Nicolás Maduro in Moscow, just minutes before the start of the parade for the 75 years of the victory of the Soviet Union over fascism and Nazism in the Great Patriotic War”.

At the start of the parade, Russian President Vladimir Putin recalled the heroic deed of 75 years ago, when the forces of the Red Army defeated fascism in World War II: “The Soviet people defeated Nazism, it was our people, our people who carried out their sacrifice till the end. This is the truth that we must carry”, he said.

It is “impossible to imagine” what the future of the world would have been “would the Red Army had not come to its defense”. added the Russian President.

In this sense, the Russian presidential spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, stated last week that the Defense Ministry “is taking all the necessary epidemiological security measures during the organization, preparation and celebration of the parade”.

For his part, the Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigú, declared that the bulk of the participants in the parade will be “military personnel with immunity to Covid-19 and without signs of infectious diseases”.

The military parade on Red Square is expected to be attended by delegations from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Palestine, Mongolia, Venezuela, Moldova, Serbia, Uzbekistan and the self-proclaimed republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, among others.

President Vladimir Putin welcomed at the Kremlin to his counterparts from Serbia and Uzbekistan, while the Venezuelan delegation is led by Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, who will speak with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, after the parade.