Suspended June 24 and July 5 parades due to propagation of COVID-19

The protocol acts in commemoration of the Battle of Carabobo and the signing of the Act of Independence, scheduled for June 24 and July 5 respectively, will not take place this year, as a preventive measure against the propagation of COVID-19:

“The parade acts of June 24 and July 5 have been suspended. Commemorative events will be held for the (Bolivarian) Army, the Battle of Carabobo and the start of its Bicentennial year within the framework of strict quarantine”, announced the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro.

The decision responds to the period of radical quarantine that, since Monday, June 22, the Venezuelan nation complies, after outbreaks of the infectious disease were detected in much of the national territory.

“This year there can be no parade, for now; we will do that later. We are complying with the strict, radical and necessary quarantine in order to cut the transmission chains of the resurgence that we have”, he pointed out.

Since March 13, Venezuela has totaled 4,187 COVID-19 cases. On a global scale, the total number of infections amounts to 9,329,367 cases, of which 5,003,492 cases have recovered, and 478,588 have died.