Ministry of National Commerce demands merchants to establish prices with the BCV’s official exchange rate

The Minister of People’s Power for National Trade, Eneida Laya, reported that through the National Plan Against Speculation, merchants are exhorted to use as a reference the official exchange rate, published on the website of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV).

The exchange rate published by the BCV is the weighted average resulting from the daily operations of the active exchange tables of the participating banking institutions, it is the Official Exchange Rate to carry out commercial operations.

The minister expressed: “Our public servants of the Sundde are supervising commercial establishments to verify that the prices they have (for sale) are in line with the official rate of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV), if they comply with that reference and prices are correct, there is no problem”.

She also assured that this measure does not put sales at loss, and insisted that it looks to favor both parties: “All trade will be controlled by the official exchange rate”.

For its part, from this Ministry, businessmen, entrepreneurs, producers and other economic actors in the country are called upon, in the event that a user wishes to pay in foreign currency, they must use the Official Exchange Rate as a reference.