President Maduro: Venezuelans who suffered from xenophobia, here we welcome you with open arms

This Wednesday, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, published a message on his social networks to warmly welcome those Venezuelans who have decided to leave Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Colombia fleeing the attacks of xenophobia and fascism in those nations.

The president urged the nationals to return to Venezuelan lands, “Here we welcome you with love and with open arms; This is your homeland», wrote the head of state to all those who have been victims of the demon of capitalism in other latitudes and more in the face of the pandemic facing the world where medical assistance has been denied, it is for them that through the Return to the Homeland Plan and other instances, a lot of hard work has been done in order to repatriate them.

Nicolás Maduro
«Those Venezuelans who decided to go to Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Colombia, found the demon of capitalism, xenophobia and fascism. Here we welcome you with love and with open arms; This is your Homeland. Let us feel proud to be the children of the liberators of America!»