President Maduro commemorates 200th anniversary of the death of Juan Germán Roscio

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, commemorates this Wednesday the 200th anniversary of the death of Juan Germán Roscio, considered a defender of virtue and for his extensive career in the fight to guarantee civil rights.

The activity takes place in the National Pantheon, in Caracas; where his remains will rest as of this Wednesday, after being transferred from Guárico state.

In this regard, the Head of State declared that the Venezuelan people are prohibited from forgetting heroes: “it is forbidden to forget heroes; in this act we have brought Juan German Roscio Nieves as part of the historical recognition, it is an act of vindication of the memory and an act of justice”, said Maduro Moros from the National Pantheon, in downtown Caracas.

«Juan Germán Roscio was part of a virtuous generation of liberators and liberators of Venezuela and America that accompanied that victorious push to free us from the Spanish monarchy,» emphasized President Maduro.