President Nicolás Maduro highlighted as fruitful meetings with opposition governors: «We are going to work together.»

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro described as «useful and fruitful» the meetings held this Tuesday with the elected governors of Zulia, Cojedes and Nueva Esparta states, Manuel Rosales, Alberto Galíndez and Morel Rodríguez, respectively.

Regarding the meetings held this Tuesday in Miraflores, he assured to be ready to attend all the affairs of your regions with good will. From these three meetings I come out more optimistic”, he said.

Among the issues addressed in the meetings between President Maduro and the opposition governors are the provision of public services, gasoline distribution, food production, tourism and the need to advance the Law of Special Economic Zones:

«I believe in the word of these three governors who have come and we are going to work together”, said the head of state.

From Miraflores Palace, the national president reported that he will continue this dialogue effort through a cycle of meetings with the rest of the governors, as well as with the mayors of the country’s capitals, in order to review the government plans and to start three constructive years of progress and growth with strength.

In this sense, he stressed that «a new stage is going to emerge, of prosperity, that can only be achieved by working, these must be constructive years”, he emphasized.