Tania Diaz: Opposition calls to march seek to generate violence in the country

The Revolutionary deputy Tania Diaz said on Sunday that the calls to march made by the Venezuelan opposition seek to generate a scenario of violence in the country such that of April 11, 2002.
“Here we are full of false statements and false symbols. We do know that the calls by the opposition to march are to generate violence to enable them to justify what we have been denouncing: The intervention in our country by Alvaro Uribe and the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro”, she said while adding the people remains guarding the spaces to prevent such actions.
In relation to the work of the right wing bench at the National Assembly, she said the people who voted for them has been disappointed, because they have not fulfilled the promises they made. “They said it would be the last queue line, and have failed, what they have done is to sabotage the management of President Maduro, the country’s economy and the daily life of Venezuelans, and the people knows this because it now has a great criteria of political debate “.
Regarding the recall referendum, she stressed that “For us it is absurd, because for as much as they do, as much as they squeal, as much as they make tantrums, they have to get 7 and a half million Venezuelans to mobilize, and those 7 million Venezuelans what they are is thinking on building a country for their children, without “guarimbas” (street riot barricades), without economic sabotage, where we can put ourselves to produce. ”
In this regard, the deputy gave the example of private companies that have joined to work in the Bolivarian Economic Agenda, “Here we have a people who wants the country to advance forward, and what they receive from the opposition are threats.”