Governments will have a gold mine to manage their own resources

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, announced that the National Government will deliver a gold mine in productive process to all the governorates and protectorates of the states of the country, as part of the resources to develop production in all entities:
“I have approved to deliver a gold mine in full productive process, in full productive capacity in each governorate for the production of resources in convertible currencies for our people”, said the head of state in a joint radio and television broadcast.
During a meeting with governors and protectors of the country – carried out at Miraflores Palace, in Caracas -, the National President stressed that these actions are framed in the Tricolor Mining Plan, which will allow “to apply a new strategic alliance model of primary and related activities inherent to strategic minerals with public entities” dependent on the governorates, mayorships, government headquarters and Corporations of social protection.
He highlighted the importance that the Orinoco Mining Arc has had in attracting foreign investment, as well as indicated that the productive lands of the minerals are being reorganized to count, in addition, with national investors who are interested in producing in the mines of the different resources:
“Direct resources from the gold mine to the State, from the gold mine to the Government. Looking for new direct sources of convertible currencies”, he said.
“I am sure that this modality will energize the work of the Orinoco mining plan”, added the Venezuelan president, while urging the governors and protectors of each entity to multiply the gold production of the mines that will be delivered.