"No More Trump" campaign reaches four million signatures

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, reported on Tuesday that the “No More Trump” global campaign has reached a total of four million signatures in rejection of the illegal measures by the United States Government (USA) against Venezuela:
“We reached four million signatures. Do not stay behind, go out and sign in the Bolivar Squares throughout the country for the peace of the country, for the happiness of the whole Homeland”, he said from La Guaira state, where he inaugurated the La Guaira – Naiguatá – Caruao Passenger Terminal.
On August 10, the “No More Trump” worldwide campaign began as a way of expressing rejection to the US political and economic aggressions against Venezuela by collecting more than 13 million wills, the campaign’s goal. In all the Bolivar Squares of the territory there are collection points.