Venezuela urges UN to denounce US military threats against the country

The ambassador to the United Nations Organization (UN), Samuel Moncada, urged the Secretary General of the United Nations Organization, António Guterres, for the Security Council to take action and denounce “the military threats of the United States naval blockade against Venezuela”.
On Tuesday, Ambassador Moncada offered statements at a press conference from New York, the headquarters of the agency, after US President Donald Trump expanded economic sanctions against our country, by signing a new executive order with the purpose of blocking all property and interests owned by the Government of Venezuela that are under US jurisdiction:
“Today we announce a total economic embargo, everyone who trades with Venezuela will be convicted. The United States is a world kingdom that rules the world regardless of the United Nations. The Donald Trump administration seeks a war in Venezuela”, he said.
Therefore, he insisted that the Security Council should exercise its power to investigate such violations that threaten peace and security. “It is incredible that a permanent member of the Security Council continues to violate international law in that way and continues to threaten my country with the use of force”, he said.