Bolivarian Government denounces new US executive order that seeks to formalize the economic blockade

The Bolivarian Government denounced to the international community the new executive order of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, which intends to formalize the economic, commercial and financial blockade against the Venezuelan people.
Through a statement, published by Chancellor Jorge Arreaza on the Twitter social network, it is emphasized that the objective of the new imperial plan is to force an unconstitutional change of government:
“Venezuela denounces to the international community a new Executive Order of the United States that seeks to formalize the criminal economic, financial and commercial blockade against Venezuelans, and whose objective is to force an unconstitutional change of government in the country”. wrote Arreaza on the social network.
The statements respond to the recent action taken by the United States Government to freeze all the assets of the Venezuelan Government in the United States.
Following, the full communiqué:
“The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela denounces to the international community a new and serious aggression by the Trump administration through arbitrary actions of economic terrorism against the people of Venezuela. Washington has issued another Executive Order that seeks to formalize the criminal economic, financial and commercial blockade already under way, which has caused severe injuries in Venezuelan society in recent years, and whose sole objective is to hang the Venezuelan people to force a change of unconstitutional government in the country, in an open violation of the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations.
This ruling of the ruling elite in the United States intends to grant legal form to the blockade of all the assets and properties of the Venezuelan State, thus constituting the most grotesque and brazen looting of which there is a record in the contemporary history of international relations. Not complying with the illegal robbery of the Citgo company and the Venezuelan diplomatic headquarters, the White House and its allies seek new opportunities and resources to usurp and plunder what belongs to the more than 30 million Venezuelan men and women.
The international community must take into consideration that it takes much more than a supremacist tycoon in an election campaign, or a warmongering hawk, outdated, obsessed and desperate not to lose its job, to undo the libertarian work initiated by the Liberator Simón Bolívar and resumed in the 21st century by Commander Hugo Chávez.
With its renewed interventionist actions, it is clearly evident that the United States government and its allies are committed to the failure of political dialogue in Venezuela. They fear their results and benefits. In this sense, the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela will not allow this biased escalation of aggressions to affect the processes of political dialogue in the country, and confirms its unwavering will to reach national agreements in different dimensions, to further strengthen our democracy and guarantee the right from the town to live in Peace.
Before the imperialist attack, President Nicolás Maduro ratifies his call to the unity of all Venezuelans and Venezuelans of good, to face economic and political terrorism in this new phase. The national civic military unit is essential to walk firmly and patriotically on the road to the ratification of the irrevocably independent character of Venezuela, overcoming together any obstacle that stands in the way of defending the country and its sacred national sovereignty”.
Caracas, August 6, 2019