Covid-19: 39 community and 128 imported cases were reported this Sunday in Venezuela

The Sectorial Vice President and Minister of Communication, Culture and Tourism, Jorge Rodríguez reported this Sunday that in the last 24 hours were detected in Venezuela 39 community cases of Covid 19, 128 imported cases and one by contact with a traveler, for a total of 5,297 infected.

Regarding community cases, it was revealed that 22 people correspond to the Capital District, 14 to Táchira state, one from Miranda state, one from Trujillo and one from Monagas states.

Rodríguez indicated that, regarding the imported cases 124 are coming from Colombia, one from Brazil, one from Ecuador, two from Peru. He added that, up to date, 63,484 compatriots have entered through the border crossings, of which 3,104 have been positive for Covid-19 through mass screening.

The Minister for Communication detailed the number of recovered patients, which gives a total of 1,649 people, which is equivalent to 41% of cases.

Referring to the number of tests applied in mass screening, he specified that as of this Sunday, 1,240,181 tests have been carried out, which is equivalent to 41,339 tests per million inhabitants.

He also regretted reporting the death of two people from the Covid-19 infection, bringing the death toll to 44.

Of the cases with active infections, which amount to 3,604, a total of 2,965 are admitted into hospitals, 593 into Integral Diagnostic Centers (CDI) and 46 into private clinics.

In this sense, he assured that 98.72% of positive cases are being admitted and attended in the National Public System, while only 1.28% are in private clinics.

Regarding the current condition of the patients, he reported that 3,134 are asymptomatic, 447 present mild severe acute insufficiency, 13 with moderate severe acute insufficiency and 10 with severe acute insufficiency.

He recalled that this Monday begins the 7 + 7 flexibilization journey for the activation of the 24 economic sectors, with the exception of some municipalities and entities:

Capital District: radical quarantine in all the parishes of the Libertador municipality.

Miranda state: Radical quarantine except in the Barlovento axis.

Aragua state: Remain in quarantine the Girardot municipality, that is, Maracay, Turmero, Palo Negro, La Victoria, San Mateo, Cagua, and Villa de Cura, the rest of the municipalities can remain flexible.

Carabobo state: Only the Mariara and Tocuyito municipalities remain in quarantine, the rest in flexibilization.

Zulia: Radical quarantine in the entire territory, except in the municipalities of the South of the Lake.

Táchira: All border municipalities in radical quarantine.

Apure: All border municipalities in quarantine.

Bolívar: Only Santa Elena de Uairén remains in quarantine.

Lara: Only the Torres municipality in quarantine.

Trujillo: Radical quarantine on the Zulia-Valera roadway axis, and the Boconó and Pampanito municipalities.

Mérida: Radical quarantine in El Vigía municipality.

Sucre: Radical quarantine in the Sucre municipality.

Details of the deceased in the last 24 hours:

– A 48-year-old female, residing in the Maracaibo municipality with a history of disease. She arrived at the health system 10 days after starting symptoms. She presented a cardiorespiratory arrest that led to her death.

– A 68-year-old female, residing in El Paraíso parish (Caracas), with significant health conditions, including breast cancer. Had contact with a positive family member who infected her. She presented a cardiorespiratory arrest that led to her death.