Jorge Rodríguez repudiated the opposition's double standards in the face of dialogue

The sectoral vice-president for Communication, Culture and Tourism, Jorge Rodríguez, repudiated that opposition factors participating in the political dialogue for peace days are linked to violent actions with the aim of subverting the constitutional order:
«It can not be that we are in a permanent dialogue table to support a process of peaceful coexistence of political actors in Venezuela, and it turns out that the circle closest to Juan Guaidó is in possession of some weapons that belong to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and which are to protect the people, not to attack it. Either we play clean, or we play clean», said Rodriguez in statements from Miraflores Palace, in Caracas.
The opposition «show themselves to the world as democrats and play two sides; On the one hand they are at a dialogue table, and (at the same time) they persist in violent war», said Rodríguez.
In this sense, the Vice President for Communication, said they will present at the dialogue table in Barbados, the evidences collected during the investigation of the opposition coup plans «to demonstrate that the Venezuelan right wing still uses violent actions to violate the Peace of the Republic and to attack the Constitution».