Venezuela will NOT accept a political intervention in the country: No and no!

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, rejected on Wednesday the editorial published by The Washington Post, which states that “Venezuela desperately needs a political intervention”, and in this regard, called on the people to be alert to this imperial interventionist stance.
“It’s an editorial which I know who wrote it, it was written here in Venezuela by the right-wing sectors and they sent it by email, they put to it their gringo style and it was published today. The headline says it all in this newspaper which is some kind of an official gazette of the Pentagon”, said the Head of State during the installation of the Homeland Congress in the Poliedro de Caracas.
In this sense he added: “Is it that you believe that we will remain with our arms crosses and we will accept a political intervention in the internal affairs of Venezuela ?, all our surnames would revolt. We are defending the right to live with dignity, with independence, sovereignty, freedom and for this Homeland to be ruled by the Venezuelans, without any foreign domination”, stressed the President.