Public Ministry issued a new communiqué to the ICC

The Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, published on the Twitter social network an official communiqué from the Public Ministry in relation to the expansion of judicial proceedings; the same was delivered to the Prosecutor’s Office of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The document highlights the willingness of the Public Ministry to cooperate in the investigation:

This Monday, the Public Ministry of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela delivered the fourth expansion report on judicial proceedings within the framework of what is required by the Prosecutor’s Office of the International Criminal Court in a letter dated October 2, 2020.

Given the impossibility of knowing the opinion of the aforementioned Prosecutor’s Office on the information provided up to this moment, we activated the information submission channel again to record our collaboration and ensure that this instance knows the progress in the cases allegedly under investigation.

The Public Ministry continues to provide this information without knowing what are the parameters of action of said entity in this case, an issue that has been repeatedly requested, even going to the Pre-Trial Chamber to rule on our request to activate a bilateral communication with the Office of the Prosecutor.

We reiterate our interest in obtaining information from the Prosecutor’s Office on our progress and, if applicable, how to improve our actions to ensure the exercise of complementarity, given that so far we only know the accusations made by the reports cited as sources in public communications from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, but we have no certainty about the facts for which it is subjecting us to preliminary examination.”

Tarek William Saab


#COMMUNIQUÉ: The Public Ministry delivered #TODAY to @IntlCrimCourt a 4th Report of #Extension to the one presented on 30 / Nov / 2020 that updates cases of # exemplary sanction to violations of #HR that occurred as of 2017: REITERATING THE DELIVERY OF INFORMATION BEFORE THE #SILENCE OF THE ICC”