Latin America will overcome against imperialist attack

“The peoples will rise with their natural leaders and this will serve us as a test to see if we are determined to be free.”
Thus was said by the Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, by referring to the process of continuous Coup d’ etat that evidences the people of Brazil.
During this Tuesday night, the Head of State said that he hopes that sooner than later the Brazilian people will triumph over their Coup-plotting sectors, “and there we will be together the people of Bolivar, of Chavez and Brazil, to which we admire so much “.
By establishing a television contact from Miraflores Palace to Brazil with Brazilian journalist and analyst, Beto Almeida, the National President expressed his concern about the advance of these reactionary currents that come to break the natural processes of progressive developments in Latin America and the Caribbean .
“From Venezuela, we are absolutely convinced that it is a current imposed by the US empire, we have no doubt about it, these are the soft Coups” he said.
He said that the US Government has developed attempts of Coup d’ Etat and destabilization against Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Argentina, Bolivia and other independent nations.
Beto Almeida, who made a summary and update of the situation in Brazil, said that currently there is a way that does not necessarily seek to use the military forces, but is based on an attack headed by the media and the parliament, even with the support of the State Department of the United States of America.
“Evidently, over a country such as Brazil with its vast natural resources and its presence in integration mechanisms as CELAC, a cooperating partner in the BRICS”, perch the imperialist interests to take Brazil out from the BRICS, the Latin American integration, to change the policy of integration with Africa and change internal policies on social issues. ”
Almeida said that the Coups have various forms and there are powerful interests that want to take Brazil out of the starring role it has in the world, specifically in the Latin American integration.