The 1st Latin American Meeting of Local Governments began in Caracas

On Thursday, the Bolivarian Government began the 1st Latin American Meeting of Local Governments and Participatory Democracy, whose goal will be to promote mechanisms of articulation that allow direct communication with the people:
“This first meeting had to be in Venezuela, because it has been placed at the center of world geopolitics, it is the center of the controversy, of the debates on democracy, participation, because it has a new political model based on popular protagonism and the direct participation of the people”, said the vice Minister for International Communication, William Castillo.
From the spaces of the Yellow House “Antonio José de Sucre” (seat of the Chancellory), in Caracas, the meeting has the participation of more than 100 authorities from throughout the Latin American continent who will share experiences and design articulation mechanisms for the full incorporation of the organized people in the government process.
The high official explained that the agenda will fulfill three fundamental objectives: to retake the network of political articulation between the governments of the region; advance in a debate that allows to strengthen technological tools for information, discussion and exchange of experiences that allow the advancement of peoples; and finally, to highlight the love and solidarity with the Venezuelan people, which gives a historic battle for sovereignty and independence.