Preventive measures taken in the Colombian-Venezuelan border after false positives

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, denounced on Wednesday that several false positives against the nation are being mounted from Colombia, in order to justify a foreign intervention, for which he ordered precautionary measures at the border to protect the security of the State.
He explained that the government of Colombia, led by Iván Duque, maintained that a Venezuelan army patrol entered its territory and expressed that “These are false positives that they always show and go denoting an escalation of denunciations and lies”.
“Thus I denounce it! They accuse us of an escalation, when it is the other way around: it is Venezuela that is being attacked from Colombia”, he said in a joint radio and television broadcast.
He explained that from the Superior General Staff, the CEO, the REDI, the ZODI and all the military units, have taken measures to reinforce the discipline, the union and the combative morality of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces.
In this regard, he stressed that Venezuela has a single Armed Forces, united, cohesive and loyal.
“Legitimacy is not just a number, legitimacy is a spiritual, moral, political force that is in society and it was demonstrated on April 30 with the great victory over the coup plot”, he said.