Maduro: We are at the gates of a new economic era

In the framework of a new productive Wednesday journey, President Nicolás Maduro urged the country’s male and female entrepreneurs, along with the rest of the sectors of the national economy, to “all row towards the same direction in the creation of new productive forms”.

“We are on the verge of a new economic era, of growth, of development, of fair distribution of wealth”, said the Venezuelan head of state when announcing a series of economic and financial actions in support of new ventures in the country.

Among the most prominent announcements of the day are the issuance of a decree for the exemption of all taxes for entrepreneurs in Venezuela: “100% tax-free for entrepreneurs in the country”, announced the national president.

As part of the support plan for entrepreneurs, President Maduro instructed the creation of a central registry unit to carry out the national census of male and female entrepreneurs, an instrument that will facilitate all procedures for the exercise of their economic action.

He also announced the creation of a Special Fund for Financing and Support for entrepreneurs, which must be activated immediately, as well as the development of a survey for entrepreneurs, through the Patria Platform, with the aim of generating public policies targeted to this sector, which may lead to its economic boost.

In terms of professionalization and training, he ordered the multiplication of courses and workshops for new entrepreneurs throughout the national territory and in coordination with the Legislative Power, he urged to give impulse to the Entrepreneurship Law, which must go to a public consultation to hear the suggestions and proposals of the entrepreneurs.

At this point, President Maduro asked the deputies of the National Assembly to make an extra effort to achieve the promulgation of this legal instrument very soon:

“The goal is to advance by making life easier for those who trust and invest in the country”, he emphasized.

The national president toured a sample of food stalls where he checked the quality of products and services from a range of local businesses. Along with them he welcomed the idea of ​​creating spaces for the installation of mobile fairs, where service providers can carry out their trade with ease.

For this, he requested the presentation of a project that includes the installation of basic services, lighting network, bathrooms and other recreational services, which accompany these mobile fairs.