Venezuela positions as world leader in housing construction

“No country has devoted so much effort to building homes”. Since its creation – on April 13, 2011 – to date, the Great Mission Housing Venezuela has built throughout the entire national territory 2,600,000 homes, and goes towards the goal of 5 million homes.
The Minister for Housing and Habitat, (G) Ildemaro Villaroel, in conversation with the journalist Isbemar Jiménez in the “Vía Alterna” (ALternate Way) program of RNV’s Informative channel, stated this, pointing out that in only a few countries housings are part of State policies.
In Venezuela – he continued-, housing is conceived as a social right enshrined in the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in its Article 82: “Everyone has the right to an adequate, safe, comfortable, hygienic housing, with essential basic services that include a habitat that humanizes family, neighborhood and community relations”.
The 2,600,000 housings erected in the country “places us as the world leader in the construction of housings”, said Villaroel, and for this the State has developed a whole conglomerate of companies and executors around the Superior Body of the National System of Housing and Habitat, not only for the achievement of the goal but for the reduction of construction costs.