Arreaza denounced defamatory and systematic media campaign against President Maduro

The Chancellor of the Republic, Jorge Arreaza, denounced on Saturday the systematic defamatory media campaign against the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, which international media insist on spreading from spokesmen of officials of their States to incite the disowning of the Venezuelan Constitution.
This time, Arreaza took a criticism made by Chilean journalist Marcos Ortiz, about an interview with the Peruvian chancellor, Néstor Popolizio, by print media La Tercera of Chile, in whose statements predominate the questions and disowning of the constitutional figure of the Venezuelan Head of State, instead of emphasizing internal situations that Peru and its foreign policy is going through in any case:
“Do these ruling elites and their corrupt and unpopular governments really believe that by diverting attention to Venezuela and dodging their management disasters they will win the support of their people? We will continue to see them fall … from Miraflores “, is the message published by Arreaza on Twitter.
Marcos Ortiz wrote, for his part, the following: “The last 5 Peruvian presidents are wither imprisoned, being investigated or fugitives (in fact PPK was arrested a few days ago). @ latercera interviews today in a full page to the Peruvian chancellor, but the 6 questions are about … Maduro and Venezuela. Is anyone else outraged at these things? ”
To his message, Ortiz appends the complete interview made to the Peruvian foreign minister, who adds to the disowning of President Maduro and repeats the species promoted by Juan Guaidó, deputy of the National Assembly in contempt and legal nullity, who proclaimed himself as “president in charge” of Venezuela in an illegal act in a public square in Caracas on January 23, and thus seeks to disown the constitutional investiture of Nicolás Maduro granted by votes of popular power in 2018.
The Popolizio interview is published prior to the meeting scheduled for Monday in Santiago, the Chilean capital, the self-styled Lima Group, composed of right-wing governments, which seeks to promote and develop “regional coordination initiatives” around Venezuela.