Maduro calls on governors and mayors to go out and listen to the people

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, called on Thursday to the governors and mayors, to go out and listen to the people, to develop joint plans that allow solving the problems of the people.
This was stated in a message posted on his official account on the Twitter social network. Maduro signed on Wednesday “two points of account” for the allocation of resources for mayors and governorships, while affirming that those regional and municipal leaders who do not acknowledge his government as legitimate, will not receive funds from the Executive.
“If any of you do not acknowledge the legitimate government, say it so, because it will not reach you nor a single cent. How is going President Maduro to send (money) to a governorship or mayor’s office that does not acknowledge him?. It can not be, because it would be an irregularity of you if you receive it”, said the president during the first Federal Council of Government of the year, which took place at Miraflores Palace.