Maduro recalled that today marks 162 years of the sowing of Manuela Sáenz

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, recalled that today marks the 162th anniversary of the sowing of Manuela Sáenz, the «Rose of Paita».

Thus he indicated from his account on the Twitter social network, where he said that the Great Homeland pays homage to the victorious General Woman of Ayacucho. On November 23, 1856, passed away Manuela Sáenz, a patriot acknowledged by contemporary Spanish-American independence historiography as a heroine of the Independence of South America, and cataloged as the Liberator of the Liberator.

Her death came as a result of a diphtheria epidemic that hit Paita at that time. Her body was buried in a common grave of the local cemetery and all her possessions were incinerated in order to avoid contagion

    Nicolás Maduro
«The Great Homeland pays tribute to the victorious General Woman of Ayacucho, Manuela Sáenz. At 162 years of her passage to eternity, we exalt the courage of a woman who fought for freedom and for the love of our Father of the Nation. Long live the Liberator of the Liberator!»
9:08 – Nov 23 2018