President Maduro to the MUD: A forged signature, a sure demand

During his program “Contacto con Maduro” (Contact with Maduro), broadcast on Tuesday from Nueva Esparta state, the Head of State said the commission appointed to review the alleged signatures of the right wing with the intention to activate a revoking referendum, will ensure that, in case of having any signature been forged, those responsible will be demanded, and will respond to the law.
“A forged signature, (it’s) a sure demand for compensation that I will put on those responsible for the MUD who made the forgery, I announce this, and I already have the legal team of Venezuelan lawyers,” said the President.
Likewise, he clarified that the option of the revoking referendum is an option according to the law, and not an obligation as the right wing wants to make believe.
“What is an obligation is the Presidential election of 2018 (…) Moreover, I would say it (the revoking referendum) is not necessary for the country, because our priority this year is the economic emergency, is to produce, it is to grow the economy to overcome the downfall of oil prices by way of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda “, he said.