Maduro urges the people to continue building the Homeland of the future

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, assured that this beginning of week serves to continue working for a better future of the Homeland.

This was stated from his account on the Twitter social network, where he also stressed that the fight is for everyone. Let’s recall that by the end of last week the Head of State asked the people to get organized for this holiday season: «We have to organize happy Christmas in all the Communal Councils, in all the Communes. Lights, banners, christmas cribs, festivities».

Nicolás Maduro
«The week begins to continue building the Homeland of the future, which is born of the effort of every man and woman who works and is committed to the development and prosperity of Venezuela. The fight is for everyone, and our destiny will be the victory of the people. We Shall Overcome!»
11:14 – Oct 22 2018