Republic Plan deployed for regional elections 2017

The Minister for Defense, Vladimir Padrino Lopez, launched on Monday the Republic Plan 2017 operation for regional elections to be held on Sunday, October 15 throughout the national territory.

From the facilities of Fort Tiuna in Caracas, Padrino López expressed his gratitude to the “National Electoral Council for allowing the people to express themselves through voting in regional elections”. An acknowledgment he made, extended to the “National Constituent Assembly (ANC), for having taken the decision to advance this electoral process”.

He rejected all attempts to obstruct the electoral process, however: “Today we do not have the scene of violence that the opposition mounted on July 30”.

Padrino hopes that the process will end in holy peace, with much civility. “I am sure that on Monday, October 16, Venezuela will dawn in harmony, in democracy”.

On the other hand, he expressed his appreciation to Attorney General Tarek Wiliam Saab and his team for having activated the prosecutors to face any fact that disturbs the peace.