Bolivarian Government will meet with industry and agro-industry entrepreneurs this Friday

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, informed that this Friday a meeting will be held with industry and agro-industry entrepreneurs, with the objective of reviewing the agreed prices for sale to the public in different strategic items of the basic basket:

«I have ordered a meeting with all the entrepreneurs of the agro-industry, industry and the CONAPRI, an organization that groups markets and supermarkets, in order to review agreed prices, ratify them and comply with them», he said.

Within the framework of the Council of Ministers held from Miraflores Palace, the National Chief Executive assured that he has a Plan B of the Economic Recovery, Growth and Prosperity Plan, to enforce the agreed prices, benefiting the Venezuelan people: «If I have to take further steps, I am prepared with plan B of the recovery program», he said.

In this sense, the highest authority of the nation ordered to continue strengthening supply chains from the CLAP (Local Supply and Production Committees).