Cabello: We will not allow anyone to invade Venezuela

The president of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Diosdado Cabello, affirmed that the campaign to speak ill of Venezuela intends to impose models opposite to socialism in the country:

“About Venezuela how many horrible things have been said and with a function of what to respect the people, no, is to impose other models”, he stressed from the Plaza La Justicia in Barquisimeto, in the Iribarren municipality, during a solemn session of the ANC for the celebration of the 466 years of the founding of the city of Barquisimeto.

He expressed that: “They have attacked not only the Revolution, not only Nicolas. Our people have been exposed by those who started a great campaign of demoralization. They have exposed us in the world as lazy, as delinquents (…) They have called us plagues, pests”.

Finally, he reiterated that the problems of Venezuelans are solved only by Venezuelans, “Venezuela is not going to sink, Venezuela is going to flourish and is going to rise as we have done many times”, he said.