Payroll from private companies in the country began receiving payments

“Today we began to pay, through the Carnet de la Patria (Homeland card), the complementary payroll of private companies in the country, so they have no excuses to raise prices”, said President Nicolás Maduro.

In a meeting held with the Somos Venezuela movement in the Poliedro de Caracas, he said: “It is being fulfilled, I have proofs in hand, they are charging, they get paid through the Carnet de la Patria”.

He specified that said payment began to be carried out on September 6 through the Carnet de la Patria “of all the private payrolls that were registered so that no one has an excuse.”

“I assumed it for 90 days (this payment), so that all private companies (small, medium, large) can adapt their labor and production costs to the new salary – tied to Petro – adapt to the new variables of economic equilibrium, our currency – sovereign -bolivar- and of the national minimum wage, average Petro, paid in bolivars “, said the President.

He indicated that also from this Friday it has been possible to start the payment of the payrolls of all the public sector of the country of the new salary tables with starting point in the middle Petro, that is, 1,800 sovereign bolivars.

Payment of public sector payroll:

He reported that it has been paid to the governorates, city halls, health sector, “today we began to pay all the payrolls of the national public sector. Tremendous tables, I congratulate the workers of the country for this great achievement of the new salary tables to protect families, workers”.

Likewise, informed the Head of State, has begun to proceed with the payment of the fraction of 25 percent of Households of the Fatherland, which up to now are 6 million in the country.

“Humanized delivery, with 389 thousand pregnant women, for breastfeeding, some189 thousand mothers of the Fatherland and the José Gregorio Hernández voucher for 1.029.000 compatriots with some disability. This is the solidarity revolution that protects the people”, enumerated the President.

He went on to say that the payment of Chamba Juvenil (Youth Job) also began, and announced that the brigade members of Somos Venezuela, as of today, will receive 400 sovereign bolivars.

He confirmed that to date there are 18,395,782 compatriots with the Carnet de la Patria. “You will see how the Carnet de la Patria continues to be built as a Bolivarian, Chavista miracle, to protect the people. Now with the -Economic- Recovery Program the Carnet de la Patria has been fundamental “.