Venezuela denounces at the UN military threat by the US

Ambassador Jorge Valero pointed out that the Government of Donald Trump has threatened Venezuela with a military invasion, and repudiated the declaration by a group of countries that seeks to oxygenate the “illegal, unilateral pseudo report and without a mandate” prepared by the High Commissioner for Human Rights , which feeds the infamous and lying anti-Venezuelan international campaign.

Geneva.- Ambassador Jorge Valero described as “deplorable” that some countries support or keep a servile silence in the face of the systematic siege that the US empire has unleashed against Venezuela, and their nefarious orders to attack Bolívar’s homeland.

The self-styled Lima Group, which is characterized by its permanent aggressions against the Bolivarian Revolution and by interfering in Venezuelan internal affairs, issued a new declaration in the Human Rights Council, plagued by lies against Venezuela.

In the declaration, this group and some European nations echo the pseudo report prepared by the High Commissioner of Human Rights, trying to exacerbate interventionism against Venezuela.

The permanent representative of Venezuela before the UN Geneva, Ambassador Jorge Valero, affirmed that the devalued Group voices the slogans of the US empire in Geneva, after the United States Government withdrew from the Human Rights Council.

“It is evident,” he stressed, “That the US has allies and satellites that are responsible for representing it in its aggression against Venezuela.”

Imperialist threat:

The Bolivarian spokesman denounced, categorically, that the Government of Donald Trump “has threatened Venezuela with a military invasion.”

In this regard, he formulated before the Human Rights Council the following question: “Which of the countries that signed the declaration against our country have rejected or showed concern about this threat?”.

He stressed that the economic and social difficulties that impact the quality of life of the Venezuelan people have been provoked, mainly, by the interventionist action of the US Government, with the imposition of unilateral coercive measures and the induction of a bloody economic war, whose end is generate the conditions for a foreign military intervention.

“The US sanctions prohibit Venezuela from accessing the purchase of medicines, food and capital goods produced in other countries, constituting serious violations of human rights, as they cause death and pain to Venezuelan families,” he warned.

For this reason, he reiterated that Venezuela deplores that the countries that have signed the aforementioned Declaration have not said a single word against these illegal, immoral and criminal measures, as well as the terrorist violence that Venezuela experienced and that caused so much pain and suffering; “A violence defeated by the democratic and peaceful will of our people.”

“We deplore that this Council is intended to accommodate pseudo illegal reports, unilateral and without a mandate against countries of the South”, said Valero.

The Ambassador explained that the irresponsible report against Venezuela was not mandated by any competent intergovernmental organ of the UN, much less by the Human Rights Council, which is why Venezuela rejects it and does not know it, both in form and content.

Outrageous hypocrisy:

The Bolivarian diplomat also stressed that among those who supported the Declaration against Venezuela, there have been and there are Governments with Presidents who were not elected by popular vote, but were imposed by a coup d’état, as well as countries where drug cartels and paramilitaries determine State policies.

Ambassador Jorge Valero is astonished that among these “accusers” there are countries with historical records of systematic violations of human rights, whose governments have promoted colonial and neocolonial wars and established slavery. These are countries that practice racism and xenophobia against people from nations of the South. These, he said, do not have the moral authority to judge anyone in the matter of human rights.

Peaceful and sovereign Venezuela:

The Venezuelan spokesman at the UN Geneva said that Venezuela is a sovereign country that has always shown willingness to cooperate with all organs, agencies and mechanisms of the United Nations, based on respect for its sovereignty and the principles of non-interference in the internal affairs of the States, without selectivity or double standards.

“We have invited to several Special Procedures to our country. We were recently visited by the Independent Expert for the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order, Alfred De Zayas” he said.

Valero recalled that this expert stated that in Venezuela there is no humanitarian crisis, but an economic war that affects the quality of life of our people.

He stressed that in Venezuela are fully in force the human rights and fundamental freedoms, “so that today peace reigns and progress is made in an inclusive political dialogue, promoted by President Nicolás Maduro Moros”.