Rangel: There is a plan underway to reactivate paramilitary units on the border

With the political goal of destabilizing the country and overthrowing the Government of President Nicolás Maduro, intelligence reports have determined there is a plan underway for the reactivation of paramilitary units along the Colombian-Venezuelan border, supported by officials of the Colombian State, which will intensify as a result of the election of Ivan Duque, candidate of uribismo, as President of the neo-granadinean nation, as denounced journalist José Vicente Rangel.

The journalist said that Duque, without yet assuming his duties before the magistracy of the Colombian State, announced that his Government will not acknowledge the Constitutional government of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, “and some intelligence reports indicate that a reactivation of paramilitary units is under way along the border with Venezuela”.

“The policies of Uribismo, that is to say, the right-wing tendency that follows former president of Colombia Álvaro Uribe Vélez, against whom there are serious charges for drug trafficking incidents and violations of Human Rights, has caught a second wind with the election of his pupil, Iván Duque. His triumph presages a resurgence of the opposition of the Colombian Government against Venezuela”, said Rangel in his reflections during the “Confidentials” block of his program “José Vicente Hoy” (José Vicente Today), broadcast on Sunday by Televen.

He also revealed that at the same time, high-rank officials of the US Government have been talking with opposition leaders to raise the urgency of a policy based on unity in electoral matters and hard political work.

“The official spokespersons of such proposals consider that up to now the support given by the North American Government to the Venezuelan opposition, which translates into a high economic investment has not achieved any success, neither in the insurrectional terrain, nor in the electoral field, but rather a resounding failure”, he said.

Rangel also noted that an important delegate who has been consulting many people on his course through the country, has prepared a report in which is stated that: “The argument used by the opposition leadership in the sense that the electoral defeats of the sector are a result of systematic fraud, is considered an excuse destined to ignore the reality that is none other than the intense political work of the chavismo and the powerful machinery that it has managed to structure”, he said.