President Maduro announces beginning of dialogue with different sectors of the country

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, announced that this Wednesday, May 23, he will begin talks with the country’s economic, political, communication and cultural sectors:

“A dialogue that starts tomorrow with all sectors of the country. I ask the community councils, grassroots organizations, women, youth, working classes, everyone to bring their proposals, to solve the problems of the country”, he said.

From the National Electoral Council (CNE), where he was proclaimed as President of the Republic, after being re-elected on May 20, Maduro said that Venezuelans have the methodological capacity to create proposals to solve the nation’s economic problems.

In addition, he denounced that private sectors pay the drivers of public transport, in order to keep their units parked away and thus not serve the Venezuelan people.

“Governors and Mayors: Do call on them, and to anyone who can not attend, may have their public transport permit removed and given to the community”, said Maduro.