President Maduro repudiated the empire’s criminal actions against the hijacked Emtrasur plane

The plane hijacked by Argentina in the first instance, and then by the United States, from the Venezuelan state-run Aerocargo Transport Company of the South (Emtrasur), was dismantled in US territory. This was reported by the National President, Nicolás Maduro:

Last night we were informed of a vile, criminal, outrageous act at anairport in Miami, Florida. The vengeful perverse gringo empire with all its evil proceeded to dismantle the Emtrasur plane. The Conviasa plane that had been hijacked from us. “They took away the colors of the flag, they took away its name, they erased the name of Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi, they erased the name of Emtrasur and then they dismembered and chopped it into pieces.”

He stated that this new criminal action makes clear the contempt of that government for our country.

That is the hatred they have for the dignified Venezuela, for the Bolivarian Venezuela,” he emphasized.

For his part, the Minister for Transportation and president of the Conviasa company, Ramón Velásquez Araguayán, gave details about this new aggression:

It is a crime because that plane, my Commander in Chief, when we brought it to Venezuela it was to bring humanitarian aid to the brotherly countries that needed it, it went to Cuba, it went to humanitarian aid, to Africa, to Suriname, it is the employment of a tool of the people of Venezuela, that what it seeks is to bring happiness and tranquility to other people.”

The crime that began in Argentina in June 2022 with the hijacking of the aircraft was worked on by the empire to obtain the plane, at the request of the US government. In this framework, he pointed out that all international agreements were violated and their objective is to humiliate the Venezuelan people.

They have violated all international regulations, bilateral agreements, 14 articles of the international civil aviation agreement, they violated it and apart from that, my Commander in Chief, what they seek is to demoralize the people of Venezuela”, he pointed out.

The Minister assured that in the face of this onslaught, companies like Conviasa, which was also sanctioned by the empire, are growing and continuing to advance.

Today Conviasa has grown in planes, in personnel and above all in the will to defeat my Commander in Chief, on national routes, on international routes, in motivation.”

President Nicolás Maduro also denounced and called on the people to be alert to the empire’s intention, with the consent of the Venezuelan right wing, to rob and dismember the Citgo oil corporation.

Thus I denounce it, in the coming days, the plan to steal and dismantle Citgo in revenge against the people of Venezuela.”

Regarding the new imperial attack, the Head of State dictated that the people will once again be the great judge in the face of these events:

Whatever they may do, the people will give them this 2024 a lesson without a biblical copy and they will never return.”