President Maduro: Venezuela is a sovereign country and on May 20 there will be elections

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, posted a message on his account on the Twitter social network, inviting to read an interview to France 24.

In it, the Venezuelan leader said that on May 20 the people of Venezuela will reaffirm their sovereignty, by massively attending the voting centers.

“Venezuela is a sovereign country and in Venezuela there will be elections on Sunday, May 20. The people will go out to vote, there will be a high turnout”, he said.

The Head of State highlighted the strength of the Bolivarian Revolution that makes unviable a military intervention against the nation, while indicating that in the last five years “have been dismantled several attempts by groups that the Government and the embassy of the US have managed to capture in Venezuela” to overthrow the Bolivarian process.

In this framework of ideas, the President reiterated the absolute loyalty of the revolutionary Bolivarian National Armed Forces, of patriotic values and united with the people, “so that if someday, as a result of the Washington conspiracy, a small fraction of military conspirators would happen, the people would take care of it”, he said.

Nicolás Maduro
“Venezuela has a direction, a country project. A set of advances and achievements, a hope in the construction of a new alternative society to neoliberal capitalism that has been imposed on the entire world. I share an interview with @ France24_es:”
11:28 – May 16 2018