National government condemns any deviation committed by security bodies

The national government categorically “condemns any type of deviation committed by the security bodies, whoever they are and wherever they come from”, declared this Wednesday Pablo Fernández, executive secretary of the General Council of Police (CGP) of the Ministry of People’s Power for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace (Mpprijp).

The executive secretary, through a radio interview with Hindú Anderi, stressed that “police abuse, by those who are responsible for citizen security, triggers an alert and prompts a permanent review of what has been advanced to detect new challenges” .

In turn, he pointed out that the national government, in its efforts to guarantee the human rights and citizen security of Venezuelans, rejects and condemns the actions of the police officers who, using their services, killed two innocent citizens in the city of Cabimas, Zulia state, on August 21.

«What happened in Cabimas is a deplorable, regrettable and condemned event that should call us to reflection. From the public institutions we must continue to strengthen the internal and external control mechanisms, applying the corrective measures, increasingly articulating the effort among the different State institutions, and ultimately improving public policies”, explained Fernández.

He also indicated that the response of the Venezuelan State through its institutions is one of condemnation and rejection, not only in discursive terms, but also in the action of punishing those who commit deviations and affect the rights of the population.

The General Secretary of CGP emphasized that despite the blockade and the criminal war that we are going through, Venezuelans have a government that works continuously and constantly to improve citizen security, and also applies the corrections that must be carried out.