Monetary reconversion will counteract attacks on the currency

Ramón Lobo, president of the Central Bank of Venezuela, said this Monday that the monetary reconversion is the mechanism that the Executive has determined to counteract the attack on the national financial system.

«The Central Bank of Venezuela issues the money, it is sent to the public and private banks, they send it to natural and legal persons, and the normal thing is that this process flows, but they broke it instead (…) the Government has taken actions and the reconversion it is one of them to guarantee means of payment internally, we also have the Petro as a mechanism to break the international financial fence», he said.

During a discussion of the working class in support of the Sovereign Bolivar, which took place at the headquarters of the Ministry of People’s Power for the Communes and Social Movements, in Caracas, he explained that it is necessary the support of the Venezuelan people for the implementation of the new monetary cone that will come into force in the month of June of this year.

«It is a task not only of the governmental institutions, but also of the Venezuelan people to preserve the value of the national currency», he said.

Lobo pointed out that the BCV promotes the participation of the organized People’s Power in the dissemination of information on the importance and impact of the new monetary reconversion in the country’s economy.

«The more conscience, the more rebellious the Venezuelan people gets, the more the American empire strikes back», he added.

Lobo added that in Venezuela experiments of any kind have been carried out by imperial laboratories that seek to weaken the country’s political stability.

«With Venezuela, any type of invention has been experienced; laboratories worldwide work day by day, hour by hour, second by second to see how they dismantle the revolutionary process», he said.