Vuelta a la Patria Plan brought back 200 nationals from Chile

The Vuelta a la Patria (“Return To The Homeland) Plan brought back this Monday 200 nationals coming from Chile, in the face of xenophobia and discrimination attacks that took place on September 24 and 25 of this year in the town of Iquique, Chile.

The information was released by the Vice Minister for Latin America of the Ministry of People’s Power for Foreign Relations, Ránder Peña, through a publication with a video on his account on the Twitter social network, @RanderPena:

«Amidst a situation of exploitative work towards Venezuelans, they were victims by a small group of people from Iquique, who do not represent the feelings of the Chilean people”, he said.

A balance of returnees to date records a total of 26,733 Venezuelans from 19 countries through 152 flights and a maritime transfer:

Argentina: 1,156

Belarus: 37

Bonaire: 6

Brazil: 7,285

Chile: 2,662

China: 14

Colombia: 764

Cuba: 209

Ecuador 5,080

Spain: 329

Italy: 404

Martinique: 8

Mexico: 12

Panama: 552

Peru: 6,590

Dominican Republic: 535

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: s 3

Trinidad and Tobago: 833

Uruguay: 143