Economic analyst assures Petro will defeat the parallel Dollar

José Ávila, economic analyst, said on Tuesday that the economic measures implemented by the Bolivarian Government with the implementation of the Petro are the ideal mechanism to defeat the parallel Dollar managed from abroad by the DólarToday website.

“The Petro will bankrupt DollarToday (…) the value that defines one currency before another is the volume of transactions that occurs in the process, that does not show DollarToday, a day dawns with a value and later another one. When you are in a serious market, the determination is another”, he said.

During an interview in the “Dando y Dando-Radio” program, broadcast by the RNV Informative channel, he explained that the Dollar is a currency that has no support, it is based on false trust, while the “Petro, beyond being a crypto-currency, will become an exchange currency and when the operations begin, the world will discover the great American scam”.

Ávila pointed out that by executing the measure, the market will be stabilized and the speculators will be defeated.

“There has to be a national agreement to respect economic measures; the international escalation is due to the blow that is being given to the dollar with the Petro”, he said.