Maduro instructs on themes for the economic defense of the country in political dialogue

The National President, Nicolás Maduro, reported this Thursday that he assigned the delegation of the National Government that holds meetings on political dialogue with the Venezuelan opposition, themes to advance in the defense of the country’s economy before the financial siege the United States has imposed against Venezuela.

«Our delegation has precise instructions on my part to advance in the integral agreements for the defense of the country’s economy against the imperialist sanctions, to advance in the agreements that have to do with the protection of the economic and social rights of the Venezuelans», he said.

The national leader said that another of the instructions was to advance the agreements to contribute with the realization of the presidential elections this year. «In these days of dialogue and negotiation for peace, Venezuela has made good progress», he said.

In this regard, he stressed that the National Electoral Council will begin on January 27 and 28 the validation process of organizations with political means that did not participate in the last elections.

This Thursday, the delegations of the Bolivarian Government and the opposition resumed the meeting on political dialogue, an event that takes place at the Convention Center of the Foreign Ministry in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

This meeting took place without the presence of the Chancellors from Chile, Heraldo Muñoz; of Paraguay, Eladio Loizaga; of Mexico, Luis Videgaray; of Bolivia, Fernando Huanacuni; and of Nicaragua, Denis Moncada, who serve as companions. This Friday are resumed these conversations with the incorporation of these international companions.