Bolivarian Government ratifies that it will participate this Friday in peace dialogue

The Vice President for Information, Culture and Tourism and head of the representation of the Bolivarian Government for the Dialogue of Peace, Jorge Rodriguez, said that on Friday they will be in the Dominican Republic to resume dialogue with the opposition sectors.

«After so much perseverance and insistence we have managed to make them sit. President Maduro after so many calls has managed to get the opposition to participate in a dialogue table. That is the way we must resolve the political, social, economic issues of Venezuela, not through violence or extra-constitutional formulas», said Rdoríguez.

He recalled that the representatives of the National Government have not missed any of the calls for dialogue and have had to endure that the representatives of the opposition do not attend the meetings, which are contradicted between those who establish meetings and what then declare to the press.

He claimed the peace that is in the country as the result of the tenacity of the Head of State and the massive participation of the people in the electoral events that have taken place during 2017.

Finally he said that they are close to reaching an agreement as a product of the dialogue between the government and the opposition.

«We will see if the opposition has the courage and the courage to subscribe to what they have already agreed on inside the negotiating tables», he concluded.