Díaz: The main defeated at the municipal ones was abstention

For constituent María Alejandra Díaz, the main defeated this Sunday, when were held the municipal elections in the country, was the abstention promoted by the national right wing.

During her participation in the “Dando y Dando” (Taking and Giving) program, broadcast by Radio Nacional de Venezuela, she said that the opposition has a double moral, because they call on their electorate not to vote in the municipal elections “because they only care about presidential elections”.

“It is a contempt for their own people that they didn’t want to be in the municipal elections, when that is the form of government that is closest to the people, but their defeat was that people told them “We do care about our municipality”, she said.

Díaz said that the main right-wing parties, which openly called not to participate in the process of December 10, “still do not understand this country, and demonstrate their anti-national spirit.”

This Sunday more than nine million people went out to vote to choose the 335 mayors from all over the country, of which, more than 300 are flag bearers of the Bolivarian Revolution, which represents a 92%.