Ameliach: If the opposition refuses to dialogue it is because they will opt for violence

«The opposition started 2017 killing the dialogue and if in politics you do not dialogue, then you opt for the violent way … When you say no to dialogue is when you are already on the violent path and Capriles has already mentioned surprise demonstrations, that sounds like «guarimbas» (street riots).»

The statement was made on Wednesday by the Governor of Carabobo state, Francisco Ameliach, during his participation in the program «Hablando de Poder» (Speaking of Power), broadcast by Radio Nacional de Venezuela (RNV), on which he reflected on the lack of leadership of the MUD (opposition coalition) and the importance of participating in the dialogue tables in the country.

«When there is a conflict of powers, the solution is through dialogue and if there is no dialogue there is no politics, however, the opposition decreed the death of the dialogue and initiated a violent escalation with calls for a coup d’etat,» said the regional leader.

In his speech, Ameliach stressed that the Bolivarian Government will not stop participating in the dialogue tables that are necessary to ensure peace in the country, because its priority is not the right wing, but the people, a totally contrary message to that of the ranks of the opposition in which is emphasized the division and the indifference before their militancy.

«The opposition has had to admit that it has not beaten Maduro, and they will not beat him because he is supported by reason, and by a people,» said the public servant.