President Maduro called to abide ruling declaring amnesiac law as unconstitutional

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, called to abide the ruling that declares the so-called Law of Amnesty and National Reconciliation as unconstitutional.
«They tell me the Supreme Justice Court (TSJ) has released a final judgment declaring as unconstitutional the law that sought the self-forgiveness of the crimes of coups d’etat from 1999 to 2015,» said the Head of State.
He said the decision translates into the generation of justice and peace. «Justice, peace, now everyone to abide it,» called the President.
On Monday, the Supreme Court declared, unanimously, as unconstitutional the Law of Amnesty and National Reconciliation adopted by the National Assembly on March 29, 2016.
The court took into consideration the request for review of the ruling made by President Nicolas Maduro, which states that «the Draft Law on Amnesty and National Reconciliation sanctioned by the Venezuelan Parliament, is a serious affront to the struggle for truth and justice undertaken by the victims and relatives of serious human rights violations that occurred in the past 3 decades. This bill would legally prevent to investigate and determine the truth about the events that occurred, for those responsible for these human rights violations to be duly punished, and finally would make impossible to achieve a repair for all the victims».
In this regard, he determined that such legal figure approved by the Parliament constitutes an exception to the obligation of the State to investigate and punish the sanctionable facts and an express waiver of the exercise of its punitive power, with a specific social justification based primarily on reasons of political coexistence.