Imperialism attacks Venezuela because we do not kneel down!

Constitutionalist Diosdado Cabebello, stressed this Wednesday that Venezuela is being subject to imperialist aggressions “because We have dignity, and we do not kneel down”.

“Our homeland is being subject to aggressions from all sides of the US imperialism along with their allies. Do you know why they do attack us?, Some say that it is because we have oil, but no; They attack us because we have dignity, we have morality, because we are a vanguard in the world. Because, should we had oil and were some dragging dogs, they would not attack us, but dignity is not bought in a pharmacy, nor is it found under the earth, is carried in the heart, in the soul”, said Cabello during his weekly program “Con el Mazo Dando” (Hitting with the Hammer).

He alerted the countries of the world on the continuous siege against the Homeland of Simón Bolívar and Hugo Chávez; The most recent being the calling made by the President of Peru for this Tuesday, in order to attack the country “And even raise an armed event against Venezuela”.

Regarding the sanction of the United States against the Venezuelan national leader, Nicolás Maduro, he indicated that “they will have to sanction all of us Venezuelans.”

“We are not afraid of any kind of sanctions from imperialism, nor will it make us change our minds. We are free, that is not going to be changed by anyone, we do not accept pressure from anyone, and even less after July 30, after such a demonstration of the people”, he emphasized.