Know the security measures implemented for the ANC elections

The Minister of People’s Power for Internal Affairs, Justice and Peace, M/G Nestor Reverol, reported that have been put at the orders of CEOFANB 146,000 men and women of the police corps, Cicpc, fire and Civil Protection corps.

“In order to guarantee the integral security of this important democratic exercise that is going to take place next Sunday”, regarding the realization of the elections of the members of the ANC (National Constituent Assembly).

He reported that a national plan for patrolling with active containment has been developed, which has components of intelligence, patrol and immediate reaction, in order to deal with any contingencies that may occur before, during and after the electoral process.

He affirmed that this plan is developed based on the peace quadrants system, geo-referenced based on the polling stations, which will allow an early warning and immediate reaction system.

Reverol reported that throughout the national territory there will be 96 prosecution sites for electoral crimes.

He recalled that Presidential decree 2992 states temporary special protection zones for the exercise of the right to vote, of 500 meters around the polling stations.

Article 8 of the Decree establishes that anyone who organizes, supports or instigates activities aimed at disrupting the organization and operation of the electoral service or social life of the country shall be punished by imprisonment of 5 to 10 years, in accordance with Article 56 of the Organic Law of Security of the Nation.

He stressed that in conjunction with the Ministry of People’s Power for Defense, a resolution was adopted that establishes strict control of the movement of people across the border.

He reiterated that is maintained the suspension and carrying of arms – in force since May 2 -. He reported that it is prohibited to sell and distribute alcoholic beverages throughout the national territory from July 28 until Tuesday, August 1.

Are also prohibited public meetings and demonstrations, concentrations of persons or any other similar act that may disrupt the normal development of the electoral process, in the same period of time previously indicated.

The ban on the distribution and commercialization of pyrotechnic artifacts and solid fuel lifting devices throughout the national territory is maintained. This ban will be extended for 90 days.