Defeated! International coup plot sought to justify a military uprising

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, said Sunday that Venezuela this week curbed the coup-plotting agenda promoted by the US Government, through the Organization of American States (OAS) and the United Nations (UN).

He stressed that thanks to the participation of Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez, a strong victory was achieved before the OAS, which sought to complete an interventionist plan led by its Secretary General, Luis Almagro.

Simultaneously in Geneva, the United States ambassador pressed the UN Human Rights Council, consisting of 60 member countries, for three consecutive days to pass a declaration or resolution against the Revolutionary Government, but only got a single vote.

«Imperialism and its allies set out to launch an international coup against Venezuela, but this week we won a double international victory in both the UN and the OAS. They did not count on our strength and we won», said the President on his «Los Domingos con Maduro» (Sundays with Maduro) program in its edition number 90, broadcast from the Carabobo Battlefield.

Right wing pretended a military drip-off:

At the same time, the National President said that part of the coup plot was to look for a bloodshed in Venezuela accompanied by a military uprising. He detailed that the military dripping was being promoted with the support of a former Government official on whom Commander Hugo Chavez had placed all his trust.

«This character had betrayed and was in contact with the gringos selling his soul to the devil, that personage says to be the Head of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (…) he says to have the FANB to overthrow the Government, that’s what he says in the meetings he holds with Maria Corina (Machado), Freddy Guevara and Julio Borges», he said.

He mentioned that the ex-official compromised to that the military dripping would end with an uprising by the FANB on June 24, which is the reason why the Venezuelan right wing remained on the streets on that day. However, «Yesterday, June 24, there was an act of Revolutionary reaffirmation of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, of a Bolivarian and Chavista reaffirmation», he said.

He added that the FANB and its officers remain being the Army of the Liberator Simón Bolívar: «It is Bolivarian. It is not an army that occupies, it is not a gringo army, it is not a Yankee army. No!, he sentenced.