Executive supports call for mega elections announced by the CNE

President Nicolás Maduro expressed the absolute support of the National Executive for the convening of joint elections for Governors, Mayors, Legislative Councils and Municipal Chambers announced this Tuesday by the National Electoral Council, a unanimous decision that, in his opinion, ratifies the democratic character of Venezuela.

During his intervention in the work journey to strengthen the National Public Health System and the launching of the Vaccination Week of the Americas-2021, the national president assured that Venezuela “has to prepare for a democratic and peace party.”

I applaud the unanimous call of the five rectors for a mega-election, an excellent decision. It is the democratic Venezuela, it will be the 26th election in 20 years, there is no country that has held so many elections”, he said.

He indicated that the revolutionary forces will present their best candidates for popularly elected positions to achieve a new revolutionary victory:

From the People’s Power we will go to the streets to obtain victory number 24 in 20 years. So let’s get ready!” urged Maduro.

Permanent dialogue:

In this regard, the Head of State highlighted that this unanimous decision of the Electoral Power reinforces the paths of dialogue for the consolidation of peace in the country:

“There is a dialogue with all sectors to deepen democracy, now those who were left out are asking for dialogue”, he said, commenting on the case of opposition leader Freddy Guevara who met with Francisco Torrealba to participate in the mega elections.

“I authorized those dialogues, I believe in dialogue,” he emphasized, regarding the negotiations with the Venezuelan opposition.

In the afternoon hours, the president of CNE, Pedro Calzadilla, announced that the full board of the National Electoral Council called for joint elections for Governors, Mayors, Legislative Councils and Municipal Chambers on a date that will be announced in the coming days.