Héctor Rodríguez: When the MUD disowns the Constitution, they disown the People

The deputy for the Homeland Bloc, Hector Rodriguez, expressed his rejection against the special session of the National Assembly on Tuesday in commemoration of January 23, 1958.

«When they (the right-wing coalition MUD) disown this Constitution, they are disowning the Venezuelan people, they are disowning the constituent power, they are disowning the Venezuelan history. We cannot stop, there they go with their contempt, hopefully they will understand that they are going the wrong way, hopefully they will understand that they failed throughout 2016, hopefully they will understand that they have to abide by the decisions of the Supreme Court of Justice, «said Rodriguez from the meeting held by the Homeland Congress with spokespeople of social missions in the Plenary Hall in Parque Central, Caracas.

He assured that the Parliamentary Bloc of the Homeland will continue working for the well-being of the Venezuelan people. «The deputies and the Venezuelan people are not going to stop, if the opposition does not want to work for the people, then the Revolution will go to the streets in assembly with its people,» he said.

Finally, he congratulated the great mobilization that the Venezuelan people carried out on Monday motivated to the transfer of the remains of the revolutionary leader Fabricio Ojeda, to the National Pantheon, which he described as «an act of social justice for the people.»

«A tremendous and extraordinary mobilization we made yesterday to go to the National Pantheon, the Venezuelan people in the streets, and we must acknowledge President Nicolás Maduro who did justice by taking that heroic guerrilla man, that builder of Venezuelan democracy where he deserved to be, to the National Pantheon», he emphasized.